Training Log Kiwi: day twenty-five, fifteenth ride 01/10/11

Winter didn’t give me many breaks after snow storms there was snow above their hocks in the fields and woods, and on the roads there was ice and after the ice there was the mud.  I put up with the snow, ice and mud and kept riding Titan because he becomes unmanageable without attention, but on the new trainees the weather just adds more stress to the already potential stress of training making it not worth the risk of  setbacks.

So far I have kept a log on these pages of every training session with Kiwi. I did not post the  following which was the last log and of the last ride, before winter put a stop to my training.

Monday, January 10, 2011


  • Started giving me trouble on the back-up. I had to skip that part of training
  • And I kept the same routine as Sunday
  • Was very scared of the Skidder which was running in the woods

Dawn Treader:

  • Walked down the road
  • seemed to enjoy the attention after a long break
  • won’t back-up
  • won’t give to pressure on the ground
  • side passes down the fence both ways

Winter has caused big gaps in my training schedule and now with a little break in the cold I hope to commence my training.

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