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Sophie’s First Day of Training

Dancer was 20 years old when she gave birth to Sophie on August 17, 2013. During the later term of pregnancy, Dancer suffered with a horse disease called the heaves. A vet told me it’s a kind of horse asthma. … Continue reading

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Let’s Dance

There is no clear line between religion and horse training. Sorry. That’s not a perfect quote. It was (quote #1) “There is no clear line between religion and fly-fishing,” by Norman Maclean. I watched the Redford movie “A River Runs Through … Continue reading

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Horse Training Marathon

Over the years, I’ve unintentionally collected horses. Some of them wound up staying here because of past abuse and/or difficult temperaments. I don’t want to sell them at the sale barn where a lot of the horses are bought and sold … Continue reading

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Horse Training/ Pearl and Kiwi

I’ve been doing my horse training marathon for three days. The first day I rode four, which is my goal. Yesterday I only rode Pearl. It was so muddy I didn’t want to muck up the turf in my riding … Continue reading

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My Personal Horse Training Marathon

Today I rode four horses in this order: Pearl, Jihad, Dawn Treader and Kiwi. I rode them in the order of least to best trained, although perhaps Dawn Treader is a little more advanced than Kiwi. Dawn Treader is so … Continue reading

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