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Fear: The First Lesson

“…the weight on his heart had begun to lift and he repeated what his father had once told him, that scared money cant win and a worried man cant love.” ‘All the Pretty Horses’ Cormac McCarthy Some people argue that … Continue reading

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“The Farm Boy Method” Begins to Change

Part 3 of “My Dreams Come True” At a horse sale my friend overheard an old Amish farmer complaining, “I think we’re doing it all wrong.  We used to hitch our colts right up to the thrasher and let them … Continue reading

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Knowing the Boundaries and Making New Ones

Part 2 of “My Dreams Come True” The following is the way I used to break colts. Some of those old methods I have changed or abandoned, some I have retained, and all are a part of my education and … Continue reading

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My Dreams Come True

My greatest childhood dream was to be a cowboy and in my mind breaking horses was the pinnacle of being a cowboy. And sure enough my dreams came true.  During my college years I spent summers working on a cattle … Continue reading

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Learned At First Hand

Here Comes The Horseman The boy on the right is me.  The filly I am riding is Flash, one of my first trainees. “…they nodded solemnly and they were careful of their demeanor that they be thought to have opinions … Continue reading

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