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Horse Training Marathon

Over the years, I’ve unintentionally collected horses. Some of them wound up staying here because of past abuse and/or difficult temperaments. I don’t want to sell them at the sale barn where a lot of the horses are bought and sold … Continue reading

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First Try at a Selfie

A couple of years ago Titan and I would go out for a morning run. I would sprint 100 yards and then swing on board and let him carry me till I caught my breath while he trotted on and then jump … Continue reading

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Another Domestic Dispute #2

To sum up the outhouse and tricycle issue we came to a compromise. We decided to close the outhouse door (at least as often as I remember) and keep the tricycle (at least as long as it is still frozen … Continue reading

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Why Backwoods Buckaroo?

Here’s why I call myself and this blog “Backwoods Buckaroo”: Main Entry: back-woods 1 :  wooded or partly cleared areas far from cities  2 :  a remote or culturally backward area  Date:1709 The above definition describes our situation exactly. We … Continue reading

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Fear: The second lesson

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 My twentieth summer I worked as a wrangler for a dude Ranch in Colorado. We put on a rodeo for our incoming guests … Continue reading

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