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Horse Training: Beginning extension and collection

  The last post was mostly about attempting to correct ‘the trotting away problem’ with round penning. Today was the same agenda as yesterday. The dramatic difference was that the trotting away from me combined time was down by a … Continue reading

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The Round Pen with Tara

Every day Tara starts out our session by showing tail and trotting. I put on my most passive body language and walk indirectly toward her in meandering serpentines. She trots in the other direction. I continue to follow.  After five … Continue reading

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MARES! and learning to receive the bit

Back in the cowboy days the only acceptable horse for work was a gelding. Mares and stallions were for breeding and making more geldings. Geldings were more even tempered therefore consistent. Stallions were always looking at the mares. Mares to … Continue reading

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Progressive Training?

This morning Tara was dancing and bucking in the pasture like a-month-old filly. I figure she is mostly recovered from the weaning of her colt and feeling frisky. Tara was feeling her oats when I rode her as well. She … Continue reading

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Preparing for more Advanced Lessens: Horse and Rider

Not remembering how advanced in training Tara was when I left off training two years ago, I needed to make an assessment of her training level to plan the next steps in training. I am hoping that Tara can be … Continue reading

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