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  In the Bible when the people were rebellious the prophets would often call them “a stiff necked people”. I’m sure the visual reference “stiff necked” was referring to livestock, such as oxen, donkeys or horses. The animal will show … Continue reading

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    Dawn Treader is keyed up, full of emotion. She was born this way, hardwired, more hot-blooded than the hot-bloods. I must mind my P’s and Q’s when I’m with her and keep my movements deliberate and calm. I … Continue reading

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Finishing Green-broke Horses

Dawn Treader Up here in northern Minnesota, horse training can get a little spotty in the wintertime, what with ice, extreme cold and heavy deep snow. This winter had it all. It was the worst ever for riding. A January … Continue reading

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Dawn Treader Review

The following is an assessment of Dawn Treader’s current training accomplishments and her deficiencies. She is four years old this spring and I have ridden her several times every spring and fall since her second fall.  She probably has less … Continue reading

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Training Log: Dawn Treader a recap

Training log: Dawn Treader a recap Dawn Treader Today I started saddle training Dawn Treader a year ago October 2009 and continued for a month, resumed for a month last spring May 2010 and commenced training again three weeks ago … Continue reading

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