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Horse Training Marathon

Over the years, I’ve unintentionally collected horses. Some of them wound up staying here because of past abuse and/or difficult temperaments. I don’t want to sell them at the sale barn where a lot of the horses are bought and sold … Continue reading

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Horse Training/ Pearl and Kiwi

I’ve been doing my horse training marathon for three days. The first day I rode four, which is my goal. Yesterday I only rode Pearl. It was so muddy I didn’t want to muck up the turf in my riding … Continue reading

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My Personal Horse Training Marathon

Today I rode four horses in this order: Pearl, Jihad, Dawn Treader and Kiwi. I rode them in the order of least to best trained, although perhaps Dawn Treader is a little more advanced than Kiwi. Dawn Treader is so … Continue reading

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“The woods are lovely, dark and deep…”

At dusk and in the misty rain Dawn Treader and I spent a quiet moment and I thought of Robert Frost’s poem.. I hadn’t really thought of it as a method, but with the new trainees I have used Stacy’s … Continue reading

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Both Kiwi and Dawn Treader were difficult today! It was the opener of black fly season today (judging by the turn out), which added another level of anxiety for all of us. We were being harassed while we trained. None … Continue reading

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