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Titan has all his parts in place. Consequently his passions are very apparent. In the order of the most fervent passions they are: mares, fighting and feed. Feed takes a remote third-place. I confess I have felt like this myself … Continue reading

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Training Titan

Titan is my seven year old Arabian stallion. So far I have been his only rider. He has had a long winter break but now for the last 10 days or so I’ve been riding him nearly every day except … Continue reading

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Winter Riding

When I’m not riding, I’m not writing, thus the long delay in posting. Since Titan’s long ice vacation, he can hardly contain his joyful exuberance and neither can I. The ground is so icy lately that it has been very … Continue reading

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First Spring Ride

It was ice that finally put a stop to my riding this winter. During today’s sunshine the ice softened to slush so that this late afternoon, I rode Titan for the first time in what seemed like a long time. … Continue reading

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Titan Titan is our seven year old Arabian stallion. He is 15-1 hands and black. Titan’s whole life is action; he is preoccupied with strutting his stuff for the mares, pacing the fences and threatening the geldings.  He is compelled … Continue reading

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