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First Try at a Selfie

A couple of years ago Titan and I would go out for a morning run. I would sprint 100 yards and then swing on board and let him carry me till I caught my breath while he trotted on and then jump … Continue reading

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On Being Comfortable with One’s Self

Titan has the soul of a workhorse mare who is tragically trapped in the body of a hot little stud. For the past several weeks I’ve been training Titan according to Stacy’s recommendations. You may remember part of the plan … Continue reading

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“The woods are lovely, dark and deep…”

At dusk and in the misty rain Dawn Treader and I spent a quiet moment and I thought of Robert Frost’s poem.. I hadn’t really thought of it as a method, but with the new trainees I have used Stacy’s … Continue reading

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Stacy’s Instructions: Day 2

Today I followed Stacy’s instructions more accurately. We walked, halted and trotted over obstacles, and reined back between every transition again and again. Titan walked and trotted like a perfect gentleman, as if he was on the bit as a … Continue reading

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Stacy’s Recipe for Training Titan

Stacy (who is an accomplished horse person) bought Crusoe last week.  While she was here she made up an instruction sheet to help me solve a problem I’d been having in training Titan. Titan gets too excited when we canter. … Continue reading

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