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Ruby Day 20 “Learned at First Hand”

Though Ruby is still showing some nervousness when I’m riding her, she was perfectly contented to stop and eat grass for ten minutes with only me and the dog for company, a quarter of a mileĀ distanceĀ from the other horses. Kathryn, … Continue reading

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Another Domestic Dispute #2

To sum up the outhouse and tricycle issue we came to a compromise. We decided to close the outhouse door (at least as often as I remember) and keep the tricycle (at least as long as it is still frozen … Continue reading

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The horse community has a precise definition for hot-blood and cold-blood. Hot blood refers to Thoroughbreds and Arabians. Cold-blood refers to the northern European horse breeds: Fjord, Belgian etc. Warm-blood refers to mixes between hot-blood and cold-blood such as Thoroughbred … Continue reading

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Dunamus, now a three year old, started training in April. He has progressed nicely. In fact, he was doing excellently beyond my expectations; however a couple things disrupted the flow. I mentioned in one of these blogs that he was … Continue reading

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There are two new trainees on our farm. I’ve been working with them nearly every day since they arrived on August 27. Samarra is the seven-year-old palomino dam of the three-year-old black colt named Lokey. Samarra is one half Haflinger … Continue reading

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