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Ruby and Pearl: Day 4 Horse Training

This is the second day in a row where neither Ruby or Pearl attempted to run away or avoid me when I came into their pen to catch them. They both stood solid and allowed me to put their halters … Continue reading

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Ruby and Pearl: Horse Training

There are two horses back for refreshment training on our farm, Pearl and Ruby. Ruby was born on our farm in 2004 to a Saddlebred mare named Tony and my Arabian stallion named Java. Pearl is an eight-year-old mare. Her dam … Continue reading

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Typical Training Routine?

My plan for this post was to describe a typical training routine with Samarra and Lokey, but today was not quite a typical day due to the breezy weather. I caught Samarra first. She was easy to catch and on … Continue reading

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Progressive Training?

This morning Tara was dancing and bucking in the pasture like a-month-old filly. I figure she is mostly recovered from the weaning of her colt and feeling frisky. Tara was feeling her oats when I rode her as well. She … Continue reading

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  Who’s getting trained–me or the horse? Titan often wants to run away from me at a canter. I’ve mentioned this challenge about Titan before but over this past long brutal winter and other horses to train I took a … Continue reading

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