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Mission Saddle Introduction

  Last May I round penned Mission to a successful join-up, but I didn’t put a saddle on.   Mission is now two years and four months old. He seems physically immature for his age, but he is still a stallion and … Continue reading

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Horse Training Rocky: June 1-8

I didn’t get to ride over the last weekend, but I have ridden Rocky last Thursday, Friday and every day this week up to Friday the 9th. Rocky’s owner asked me if Rocky had an attitude. Perhaps Rocky’s owner meant … Continue reading

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Rocky-May Training

  May 24 When the colts and fillies first arrive in the round pen they mostly want to run away from me. I encourage this. I make the kiss sound, which they quickly interpret as a go forward cue. I … Continue reading

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Rocky: Horse Training Lesson One

Rocky is a Curly Horse. He is six years old about 14 hands and a stallion. He is totally preoccupied with mares and fillies. I can relate to these overwhelming preoccupations with the opposite sex, but not lately. A long … Continue reading

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Horse Training Log ‎8/‎23/‎16

Sophie Today, same as yesterday, only about twice as long a ride. The biggest difference was that today her rein-back was nearly perfect every time. We cantered for the first time. Pearl We worked exclusively in the riding pen. She … Continue reading

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